Solar Dominion is a tabletop spaceship combat game set in a hard-science fiction future. Fight fast paced spaceship battles with expertly crafted 1:1000 scale miniatures.

Set in the 23rd century, Solar Dominion follows mankind to the stars where pride, ideology and the never ending struggle for resources and power continue to push humanity into conflict. With a fast paced, hard hitting ruleset that rewards strategic thinking Solar Dominion is an exciting collectible wargame for two players.

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The Game

The game is played on a 1.2 meter (or 4 foot) table, with each player commanding a fleet of three to ten ships in a fast paced simulation of tactical space warfare. Destroy your opponent whilst you fight over objectives like space stations, wormholes and VIPs. Combat is decisive and deadly, with every hit knocking out a ship's systems. You cannot ignore the morale of your crew either, as ships take damage they become increasingly likely to abandon ship rather than stay and fight and risk destruction.

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The Factions

Fight for one of the three main human factions, or join the pirates and privateers that haunt the edges of human occupied space. Even take control of the ancient alien menace of the Outsider. Continue reading for a brief synopsis of each faction or dive into the history of Solar Dominion.

The Independent Planet Protection Pact

The IP3 (also known as the Pact) are a strongly individualistic, ruggedly anti-authoritarian faction that emerged from the early colonies. Formed of a loose confederation of hundreds of worlds, they aren't the most advanced but they can call upon hundreds of ships to defend what's theirs. Pact space is networked with a dense web of artificial wormholes, making interstellar travel fast and safe and allowing them to reinforce their borders from anywhere within their space.

Find out more about the history of the IP3 or have a look at their miniatures.

The United Nations of Mankind

The UNM is the successor to the United Nations of Old Earth. Monolithic and bureaucratic but they are deeply invested in justice and the rule of law. With the most technologically advanced navy in the galaxy, they are the only faction capable of true faster than light flight and whilst they may not have as many ships as other factions, each UNM ship punches well above its weight.

Find out more about the history of the UNM or have a look at their miniatures.

The Void Born Union

The VBU don't colonise planets, instead living in massive free floating habitats moving through space on a network of ancient wormholes. Drifters and outcasts, they move from system to system plying their trades mining and refining the minerals 23rd century civilisation relies on, but many also fall back on less noble pursuits of theft and piracy. Their ships are built on the chassis of old mining vessels and clearly show their legacy, but don't pretend they aren't a formidable adversary.

Find out more about the history of the VBU or have a look at their miniatures.

The Outsider

An ancient alien weapon, its masters long dead and gone, awoken at the edge of human inhabited space. Taking the form of giant crystalline structures, they move from system to system attacking and destroying anything that gets in their way. The one respite is their total lack of faster-than-light capability. Whilst countless alien civilisations have fallen to the Outsider, humanity is fighting back and hope lives on.

Pirates and Privateers

There exist those at the fringes of society who have a ship and a dream. Or a someone else's ship and a desire for more. Pirates harry trade routes at the edge of solar systems where the light of civilisation is dim. Privateers wage private wars in the names of corporate overlords. Private militias fight proxy conflicts where the major powers aren't willing to engage. On the black market almost anyone can upgrade a civilian vessel with weapons, better engines, sensors and almost every port throngs with crews wanting a life of adventure.


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