The Lore and History of Solar Dominion

A Condensed History of Mankind

Solar Dominion is set in the mid-23rd century and features a rich and vivid future history, spanning from the present day to the 2250s where the "current day" of the world of the game takes place. This future history can be split into a number of eras and whilst we recommend starting at the beginning, we've split it up into multiple chapters for easier reading.

  1. The Exodus
  2. Revolution and Independence
  3. Wormholes for Fun and Profit
  4. A New Life Awaits in the Off-World Colonies
  5. Birth of a Faction
  6. The Final Frontier
  7. First Contact
  8. The New Normal

Human Space and Civilisation in the 23rd Century

Whilst Solar Dominion focuses on the military aspect of the future, most people in the 23rd century live normal, uneventful lives. You can read more about how the average human lives in The Universe as of 2255.

If you want more information on the galaxy and the planets that humanity has settled, you can find an interactive starmap you can explore in your browser below:

Faction Focus

More detailed rundowns of each of the major factions are also available which include rundowns on their military, structure and rough history.

Faction focuses on the Outsider and the Pirate and Privateer factions are coming soon.