The Independent Planet Protection Pact

Formed following the Altair rebellion, the IP3 (often referred to as the Pact) exists in opposition to the UNM and was created to present an alternative to their more centralised government. It is a cruel irony then that in most aspects of day to day life, the Pact is far more involved in the running of colonies than the UNM are.

The first parliament was convened in 2109 on Altair Prime, and this formed the basis of the government of the Pact ever since. Each planet received one seat and one vote, and was expected to contribute to the defence of the pact. Whereas most UNM worlds are self-governing, the Pact parliament is heavily involved in the running of many member worlds, and where most UNM planets maintain limited militias and self defence forces, each Pact world contributes to the wider Pact defence and in turn is defended by the local Pact defence forces.

Interstellar travel in IP3 space is by way of a network of artificial wormholes called Synthetic Einstein-Rosen Bridges, or SERBs for short. All systems have at least one Pact-controlled wormhole connecting them to the network, many have further privately owned wormholes connecting them to other systems, producing a complex network where two systems on opposite sides of human inhabited space might be mere days away from each other by wormhole.

Whilst the IP3 navy is significantly more diffuse than it’s UNM counterpart, it is still split into several branches:

In addition to the traditional navy, the Pact also operate a series of spaceships/space stations known as the Starblades. As the SERBs cannot themselves travel faster than the speed of light, the IP3 need their own way of scouting and colonising new worlds. A Starblade is a device that can transport an inorganic object approximately 20 light years. It cannot be used to send people or ships (early experiments resulted in the gruesome deaths of those who tried), it can be used to send (or retrieve) one end of a SERB wormhole pair. Twelve of these exist and they are defended by the ninth, eleventh and sixteenth prestige fleets.

The IP3 do maintain a limited conventional army, but as they are equipped and maintained by individual planets the equipment and standard of these troops vary wildly. Many planets do maintain marines, but they vary significantly in quality. However, the IP3 have significantly more troops than their potential adversaries and quite often naval officers will have served in militias or militaries, making an IP3 military crewed vessel a poor target for those who might otherwise try and take advantage.

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