The United Nations of Mankind

Founded on Old Earth in 2095 and moved off-world in 2136, the United Nations of Mankind styles itself as the rightful heir of the United Nations and the mantle as the true governing body of the human diaspora. Whilst it is true that the UNM is the successor to the Organisation des Nations Unies pour le Maintien de la Paix dans l’Espace, the peacekeeping body broadly responsible for maintaining order in the early extra-planetary colonies between 2050 and 2090, the original UN survives to this day as the nominal government of both Earth, Mars and Venus.

The UNM is comprised of the assembly, for which every nation on every planet gets a seat. Due to the vastness of space, much of the day-to-day governance is devolved to regional sub-assemblies, and even then, individual nations have a wide remit to govern their affairs as they wish. Individual planets have their own defence forces and militaries, and most UNM citizens can go their entire lives without ever interacting with the wider UNM government if they so choose.

The main day-to-day remit of the UNM is in the management of interstellar travel. Whilst civilians can operate limited alcubierre drives, the UNM monitors their use very carefully and most are owned by a branch of the UNM known as the Foldspace Agency. They operate flights between all of the worlds of the UNM, and many flights to and from neighbouring non-allied systems during peacetime too.

The only direct descendant from the original UN is the UNM navy. Comprised mostly of their distinctive foldships with their signature boom arms allowing them to project powerful alcubierre fields for both offensive and defensive purposes. The navy is broadly split into three branches:

In addition, the UNM navy operates several semi-secret squadrons for varying purposes, the most well known being Wraith Squadron, whose job is to track down deserters and traitors and prevent alcubierre drives from falling into the wrong hands. Less well known are Oblivion Squadron, who prior to the arrival of the Outsider were trained to prepare for first contact. Their current disposition is unknown.

Most UNM ships favour guided missile launchers as their primary conventional armament alongside the photon lance, a weaponised form of the alcubierre drive. Ships’ propulsion is provided by two high efficiency plasma drives. The alcubierre drive is used for interstellar transport in a process known as translation. When active, a ship can travel up to several hundred times the speed of light for up to twenty five light years, however the drive can only produce the field densities required in a region beyond the “ice line”, the point where the strength of the local star is no longer enough to allow liquid water to exist and the point at which gas giants start to form instead of rocky planets.

Alongside the navy, the UNM do operate a limited conventional military in the form of the UNM marines. These soldiers fight alongside the navy but their use is typically limited to ship-to-ship and ship-to-station actions. Ground combat is not unheard of in the 23rd century but has been thankfully limited. Typically dressed in an armoured pressure suit and carrying a plasma rifle, small units of marines are considered a significant threat to militias and pirates across human space and the presence of anything more has been known to deter all but the most suicidal of attackers.

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