The Miniatures of Solar Dominion

Solar Dominion uses specially designed 1:1000 scale miniatures that are expertly cast in resin and provided unpainted as multipart kits.

Each faction has its own aesthetic, making their ships instantly recognisable on the tabletop and provide extensive opportunities for customisation with a wide scope for colour schemes for each faction (with multiple examples provided in the rulebook). Below you will find examples of ships from each major faction.

UNM Constellation class Destroyer

One of the largest ships in the UNM fleet and armed to the teeth, here presented with four Ultimatum pattern missile launchers and two Retributor class railguns. With a crew of two hundred, and a top speed of five hundred times the speed of light, it is capable of extended missions of up to two years.

IP3 Union class Frigate

The Union class frigate represents the mainstay ship of the line for the Independent Planet Protection Pact navy. The quad railgun turret configuration is one of the most common warships in human space and packs of two or three can often be seen patrolling IP3 or IP3 aligned space.

VBU class Frigate

The Void Born Union Shepherd class Frigate is halfway between a workhorse civil engineering vessel and a dedicated warship. As often seen without their weapon hardpoints as with, they both serve the needs of their home habitats and act as the first and final line of defence should it come under attack.