The Rules

Solar Dominion is a tabletop wargame for two players, requiring a play area between 3 and 4 feet square, or about one meter to a side. Each player will need their own fleet of ships, varying from three for a small game up to ten or twelve for a large engagement. Additionally, the game requires scenery: asteroids and spacestations and debris and other items for your ships to fight in, around and over. A starter set will be available which will contain everything two players need to get started playing the game.

Having set up the game, players take it in turns to move their spaceships, taking into account their velocity and momentum. It might sound complicated, but rules take as little as ten minutes to learn whilst providing ample opportunity for strategy and tactics. Ships move in initiative order, with better trained crews getting to move and act first, preventing one player from steamrolling the other just because they won a coin toss.

In combat, ships can fire their weapons and their success depends on the training of their crew, the range at which they fire and any obstacles. Generally, closer is better but some weapons do improve at range meaning that players have to consider their positioning carefully. As ships take damage, they lose vital systems, making them less effective as the battle wears on.

The game is won or lost by the ships you lose, and as ships take damage their crews become increasingly likely to abandon ship. You can either choose to let them, or try and force them to stay, but beware a ship that is entirely destroyed is worth more to your opponent than a ship that merely flees.

A free system reference document containing all the rules you need to play the game will be made available in the near future, and the full rulebook will be available to purchase shortly after that.